Special Occasion Keepsake Boxes


Five years ago I made this fun box for some of our best friends. A wedding shower was to be thrown for them and, as a surprise, best wishes from their family and friends near and far were sent in the form of cards, photos, and artwork.

I constructed a tray with multiple compartments that were sized to fit common envelope sizes. That tray nestled onto the inner ridges of a clamshell box which left about an inch and a half space for larger papers to be stored beneath.


I was enamored with the concept and made one for a client to give as a wedding gift, and then consulted with two other friends to see if they would like to have them as gifts for their special occasions. The box above was made as a baby keepsake box, and the box below was made in celebration of a wedding.

My sweet and gracious friends patiently waited for their boxes, because, as it is with the cobbler’s children having no shoes, oftentimes the box maker’s friends have no boxes. That is, until now!


The recipient of the baby box showed such faith that I would get the box to her, that she kept her keepsakes in an Amazon box until mine made it to her door. And, when I wrote to let my other friend know that her wedding box was on its way, I learned that she had just arrived home with her new baby daughter and the box will get there just in time to catch her first keepsakes.

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