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My name is Monica Holtsclaw and I am a book artist and quilter living in California. On most days I'll be found working in my studio. I enjoy teaching bookbinding workshops, collaborating on quilts with my family and working on projects with my husband, Josh.

My studies have included degrees in bookbinding from North Bennet Street School in Boston and graphic design from the Savannah College of Art & Design.

For information about upcoming workshops or shows, please visit my calendar page.

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Are you in search of bookbinding services? I am no longer taking new client work, however, I recommend the professional binders below that will do a wonderful job on your project.

Wendy Withrow
Windy Weather Bindery
Boxes, Portfolios, Wedding Albums

Mark Andersson
Panther Peak Bindery
Bookbinding, Repair, Bible Repair

Juliayn Coleman
Book Island Bindery
Book Island Bindery Blog
Bookbinding and Conservation

Bexx Caswell
White Sparrow Bindery
Wedding Albums, Miniature Books, Repair

If you are a binder who would like to add your name to this list, please let me know!