Project Sneak Peeks & News

While things on the Internet front seem to have ground to a halt, work in the bindery has been full steam ahead! I've probably seen about forty bindings go out the door since my last post. Many of them were multiples of the same book, but there was a nice variety of interesting projects mixed in there too! Some of those are in the photos above and may deserve full posts at a later date. 

It has been a fun, busy summer. With trips to Boston, Daytona Beach, and Portland, it has felt like a real whirlwind. Also, for the last five months I was a Creative Assistant at Hallmark. It was such a neat position. I would go in a couple days a week to help create mock-ups of greeting cards, books and packaging. Just a lot of fun handwork and a great way to meet new people and add some extra social interaction to my weeks!

Photo by Tim Fleenor Photography, taken at Ashlee & Chris's wedding!
That's all past tense because of some news that I have to share! My husband and I are moving to Portland, Oregon next week! Josh accepted the position of Graphic Designer at LAIKA, the amazing animation studio, that just put ParaNorman out into the world. If that wasn't cool enough, my parents just moved to Portland last year, and I can't wait to hang out with them on a regular basis!
We've truly loved Kansas City and working for Hallmark has been such a great opportunity for both of us. It had to be something as star-aligned as this to move us. It's a total dream come true, and we couldn't be more excited!

So, after I finish one last project, the bindery will be closed for about a month while we find a new place and get settled in. I'll be able to start finishing any new work in November. Feel free to contact me with project ideas or questions if you'd like to get the ball rolling on something.


The Frontier Horizon

The horizon represents a new frontier, personally and globally. Imagine that you can walk the rim of this binding where all of the sections are gathered. Look outward at the endless possibilities extending toward your future. Look inward at the layered spokes of your past and contemplate how your memories, experiences, and the people that have made an impact on your life might inform your steps toward each new frontier. This book structure represents a personal reflection as I search beyond my own horizons and limits. I push toward new experiences while carrying the past with me.

Cave Paper, Mohawk Superfine, vellum paper printed with mementos from the artist’s past, linen thread, magnets

Dimensions: 10.75 x 10.75 x 2.5, Folds flat to 18 x 2.5 x 1.5


I am honored and thrilled to share that my artist book, The Frontier Horizon, was selected for the upcoming Guild of Book Workers Horizon exhibition.

Christina O'Brien Photography DVD Packaging

San Diego based photographer Christina O'Brien had a clear vision for her new packaging, and I liked what she saw! Clean & chic with tweed-like fabric and a touch of lace to round out the look.

Gray suiting fabric and a double layer of lace were just the right combination to make this come to life. I think it's especially sweet since these will be for Christina's wedding clients - masculine, feminine, and tied with a knot! The suiting fabric was lined with acid free tissue and the lace was stitched in two separate layers onto the cloth. The black satin ribbon was adhered between layers of board for a secure attachment.

To check out Christina O'Brien Photography, visit the website and blog here. Better yet, if you're a bride in the San Diego area, meet Christina in person at the Bridal Bazaar this weekend!

Hardbound Long Stitch

When a friend stopped by the bindery and saw all of the different types of binding examples I have on hand, he decided on the spot that he'd like to have a book made.  As his eyes danced across all of my examples I could see his thoughts start churning and wheels start turning! He was deconstructing and reconfiguring, and ultimately loved the idea of pairing the visible sewing structure of a long stitch with the sturdiness of a hard bound book.

Usually this type of long stitch is paired with a paper or vellum cover. While that is a lovely and historic solution, this binding would be getting every day use sliding in and out of a bag and a hard cover would help protect the pages a bit better.

Because of the interest and enthusiasm of this friend, I thought I'd offer to teach him how to make the book himself. And that's just what he did! The book in these photos is the example that I made while demonstrating the steps. I had my sister-in-law in mind while I made it, so this was waiting under the tree for her on Christmas morning. My friend's book was made with a nice piece of zebra wood for the spine and rich brown cloth on the cover, it was also over twice the size of mine with an extra set of woven sewing stations. Can you picture it? Quite a beaut!