BLICK & Local Art Stores
Look for the Lineco Brand (glue, board, bookcloth). Also a great source for endsheet and decorative papers.

Colophon Book Arts
One stop online or phone shopping for all of your bookbinding needs. Unwaxed linen thread in colors, marbling equipment.  Formerly based in Washington and now in Indiana. 

One stop online shopping for all of your bookbinding needs, online or in Michigan. Nice variety of smaller sizes.

Ernest Schaefer
I buy my binders board and PVA from them. Foil stamping machines and accessories, including capabilities for making dies. Based in New Jersey.

Talas                               One stop shopping for all of your bookbinding needs, online or in New York.


Northport Binding Co.     My very favorite glue brushes (Anza) as well as bench weights.

Leather and parchment, based in New York.

Harmatan                Leather for fine binding, based in England.

J Hewit & Sons           Leather and Bookbinding Supplies, including leather dye, and 19th & 20th century reproduction endsheets that are great for miniature books! Based in Scotland.

Magnesium and brass dies for stamping with a kwikprint.

L.A. Goldleaf
Genuine gold and imitation metal leaf for gold tooling. I buy it by the roll on a thin paper backing.

Rulers, pin vises, squares, high quality precision instruments.


Kelly Paper                 Great variety of sizes and brands including Mohawk. Can make custom orders and they have a great sale section if you visit a local store.

Limited Papers          Online Source for text block papers

Direct from the source!     My favorite text paper is Mohawk Superfine Softwhite Eggshell 80lb text.

Paper Source               Parent sheets and smaller of lovely colors of text weight paper, decorative paper, and some bookbinding supplies.

The Paper Studio         Paper Mojo
Whimsy Press
Creative Papers Online
Various online sources for decorative papers.





Board Cutters
I use a Kutrimmer 1080. For more extensive info that I have written about board cutters, click here.

Hardware Stores
Great places for press boards cut to size, decorative painting tools for paste papers, and bricks for weights.

Fabric Stores
Heat'n'Bond Lite for making bookcloth, silk thread for endband sewing, ribbon for bookmarks.

What can't you get on Amazon? This can be a test!

Do you know of a source that I'm missing? Please let me know, and I will add it to the list!