Recent BBB News

I have a blog post up over on the Guild of Book Workers blog. I've shared a few photos of my trip to Relma, the fabulous bookbinding store in Paris.

George from Tedorigawa Bookmakers kindly interviewed me for his podcast a few months ago. I've been shy to share it, there's always something funny about hearing your own recorded voice, especially since it seems I'm prone to giggling. It was a pleasure to speak with him and fun to connect with another book lover all the way in Japan!

Annette from wrote to let me know that she included my Star Book Tutorial in their "How to Bind a Book" post. The post is full of all sorts of links to great tutorials.

I just read a great article about Mark Andersson, my instructor for most of my time at NBSS, and it is a fantastic read. The article, from the Explorer Newspaper, is actually an old one, so I either missed it the first time around, or it's so well written that it feels new every time you read it! Josh made the above illustration for us to put on a poster that we could sign when Mark was leaving NBSS and headed for the land of rattlesnakes. He always told us tall tales of bookbinding in the trenches, or whilst riding on a motorcycle, or who remembers what? Sometimes when you don't have an awl handy the next best thing is gonna be bullets.