Handmade Giveaway

Paper Quilt Cards

Around Christmastime I started arranging some of my many itty bitty scraps of paper into tiny 2.5" x 2.5" paper quilt squares. I didn't do this with any specific purpose in mind, but just as a little break from some of my more tasking projects.

I decided to adhere them to some heavy paper and turn them into blank notecards. I've given them all little names for fun!

Quilted Northern.

Moulin Orange.

Lily Pads.

Terminator meets Tron.


Would you like one? I just have these five, so leave a request in the comments with your email address & I'll get in touch and send one to you! You can send it on to a friend or I can write a little note inside.

Sixth and Final Handmade Winner: Yarn Box

Here is my final giveaway project! I made this yarn box for a friend I met at North Bennet Street. We were there for the same two years, she was down the hall from me studying Piano Technology while I was in the Bookbinding department.

From time to time I noticed Emily working on lovely knitting projects and discovered that she is an avid knitter. I found a little bit of inspiration while browsing Etsy one day and immediately thought of making something for my knitting piano tech friend! I found a shop called Darrielles Clay Art filled with beautiful stoneware pottery. Something that caught my eye was this yarn holder. It intrigued me and I ended up searching the web and finding other yarn holders here and there.

I thought it would be fun to transform this idea into my own craft. So I wrote to Emily to find out about what size a yarn ball would be at it's largest and got to work.

The ball of yarn fits into the box with the end of the yarn threaded through the opening slot. The lid fits snugly into the top of the box if you want the yarn to stay put, or it can pop off if you'd like to take the yarn out!

By the way, if you live in Texas and are looking for an excellent piano technician, Townsend Piano Service is the place to go!

Fifth Handmade Winner: Trinket Box

This little trinket box was made for my friend Hannah, who was the 5th winner of my handmade giveaway. She loves pink, so when I saw this bookcloth at Sam Flax a couple months ago, I bought it knowing I'd use it to make something for her!

I decided on a little box because we've always shared a love for little containers, and I was reminded of that when she visited last year and purchased some little dishes to use for her jewelry. I thought I could make something that would be a nice addition to her current collection.

These book earrings weren't included, but they give a good idea of how big the box is.

It took me nearly a year, but all of my winners have received their goodies! I'll share the final winner later this week!

Fourth Handmade Winner: Custom Wedding Card Box

Number 4 on the list was a certain Kate Jones, who is now officially Kate Lynch! Kate is a friend of mine from college who got married in Maryland this past Saturday. I knew she was getting married, so I decided her winnings would be part wedding gift & part giveaway gift!

I thought about what I could make that would have added a little extra to my own wedding and quickly found inspiration in a shoe box full of cards. I won't be able to part with our wedding cards anytime in the foreseeable future, so it sure would be nice to have a pretty box in which to store them! (Happily, I will have my own version of this box soon, because I cut out two sets of boards while I was working on Kate's!)

The dimensions are based on the measurements of our stack of cards. It's a little wider than the tallest card and a little taller than the widest card! I decided on a landscape box rather than a portrait, simply because I thought it would be the most elegant.

The Lynchs had a color scheme of truffle brown and cornflower blue, so I tried to stay in that color ballpark while picking my materials. The white decorative paper that is inset on the cover of the box is a strip of vintage Royledge shelf paper.

Congrats & Best Wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Lynch!

Third Handmade Winner: Holiday Book

The third winner of my handmade giveaway was Christina, who has a blog called Hall Family Happenings, and a wonderful Etsy shop called Nina Bo Bina. Josh & I purchased a sweet burp cloth set from her earlier in the year when we found out that our cousins would be having a little girl! Check out the shop for all sorts of fun handcrafted fabric items.

This holiday book should arrive in Christina's mailbox today! It is a softback book, measuring 5.25 x 6 inches, full of 24 perforated pages. I thought the Hall family could use this to make a few holiday lists for the upcoming season!

Hope you enjoy it Christina! Thanks for entering my giveaway!

Second Handmade Winner & My Handmade Winnings

It is fitting that my friend Erin is my second handmade winner, because I was one of the lucky winners of her handmade giveaway! This little book, covered in cotton polka dots and a vintage hot iron transfer iris, is what I sent to Erin as her prize.

It's a good size for a pocket or purse, and has actual pockets inside! Two envelopes are are sewn in with the thick white pages. The pages have complementary blue endsheets and contrasting fabric endbands.

It was made with the very same construction that I came up with for Stacy's books.

All wrapped up! I hope this was a nice surprise in the mailbox.

This awesome necklace was what Erin sent to me for her giveaway. I wear it all the time! She made the lovely pendant out of shrinkable plastic. Visit her Etsy shop for all sorts of fantastic jewelry. You can also visit her blog to learn more about her process.

Inspired by her gift and intrigued by the idea of shrinkable plastic, I did some experimenting and came up with a project for the kids at Carpe Diem Piano Camp this summer. Shrinkable Plastic is great medium, because on one hand you can create striking and professional looking jewelry, and on the other hand, it can be used by to create a very satisfying project no matter what your artistic level may be. Pictured above is a key chain made using Shrinky Dinks.

I printed several measures of each camper's recital music onto the plastic which they then decorated with colored pencil. After they cut their music into squares, I punched holes in them and rounded the corners. The kids then had the thrill of watching them shrink in the toaster oven. After the pieces were cool, I added the jump rings and lobster clasps so they each had a bracelet to wear home. The bracelet third from the right was signed by all of the campers and given, by them, to their wonderful camp director/piano instructor on the final day of camp.

Thanks very much, Erin, for the necklace, and for the inspiration for our camp project!

First Handmade Winner: Pink Folded Star Book

DjStoreRoom was the first name pulled from my virtual hat, when I selected winners for my handmade drawing. Armed with the knowledge that she loves pink, I kept an eye open for rosy combinations.

I found some strips of lovely pink paper that I thought would make great square pieces. From there, I decided that a folded star structure would work, and found the rest of the pieces. The boards of the book are graced with one of my favorite papers from Chena River Marblers. The front cover displays a thin coating of gesso followed by a pink hot iron transferred flower. A sweet size, the book measures 1 5/8 " square and about 1/2" thick.

DjStoreRoom is owned by a woman named Diana, living in Singapore, who makes and sells delightfully patterned pouches on Artfire and Etsy. Visit one of her stores, check out her blog, become a fan on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter!

Handmade Winners

This morning I took a trip over to Random.org and generated my six numbers. Drum roll, please... In order, the numbers that came up were:

4. djStoreRoom
3. erinsimpson
8. Christina & Tyler
6. Kate Jones
2. Hannah
1. Emily

Congrats to you who won and thanks to all who entered! I loved having people comment on the blog, it was sort of like getting people to sign a school yearbook! I'm certainly looking forward to figuring out what I'll make for you six! It's fun that it's a mix of people I know really well, kinda well, and not at all! I'll get in touch with you soon for your contact information and I'll definitely post photos of what I end up making after the goods have been sent.

Two items of note before I sign off. Last night I was delighted to see that I made my first sale on Etsy! My purple perennial miniature book earrings will be on their way to Colorado today!
And second, today is the day we get the keys to our new place, which means time to set up the bindery/work room again! Thanks to Glenn who will be moving all of the HEAVY stuff with Josh this weekend! Here is a before photo of the model apartment. I'm thinking I'll set up my bench near those windows, and can't wait to organize things in that big closet!

Come and Get it!

I recently responded to a note on Facebook written by my friend, Erin Simpson. She is an artist whose blog can be found here, and whose artwork can be purchased here. We met and were roommates at SCAD, and she was the person who introduced me to bookbinding. Again, thanks for that, Erin!

So, back to this note! Here is an excerpt from what she wrote:
For the first SIX people who reply to this note, I will make and send you something. You never know what you might get, it could be a doodle, a painting, a t-shirt, a little creature made of clay... It could be pretty much anything, but it will be something creative and something that I will make especially for you.
My version of this varies slightly. I will use the True Random Number Service from Random.org to select six people from however many have responded (in the form of a post comment) by March 31st. The other variation is that, while you never know what you might get, you can bet that it will be some variation on the theme of paper, board, thread, and glue!

When your numbers are chosen, on April 1st, I will send you a message to let you know that you were selected to receive a "delightfully handcrafted object" from me, and I will request your address. Time will do the telling, and I will send you something at some point in the future! My guess is that you'll get your treat after the rest of our wedding thank-yous have all been sent!

Part II of the note is as follows:
The rules, as I have learned them, are that if you reply to this note, you then have to post a note like this yourself and make things for the people who reply, thus continuing the chain of creativity, giving, sharing, and awesomeness.
And not to worry if making things is not your particular cup of tea. You can participate by thinking of other ways to pass along the creativity, like writing awesome messages for people, baking, or just sending a cool thingamajig that you found in your closet or under your bed.
My variation on part II is that you should make a similar posting if your post comment is selected, no pressure if your comment isn't selected!

The photos in the post are a mix of some Japanese Stab bindings that I made around the time I was living with Erin (center image) and thank-you books that I made for my Swedish friends before I had to leave them and return to the states this past summer. The thank-you books (top and bottom image) are decorated with Swedish papers and imagery from places and events that we attended together. Inside is a recipe for a snack bar that I made to share whilst there, a special note, and my contact information.

So, make a comment and I'll make something for (6 of) you in return!