Emily & Kevin's Wedding Album

Congrats to Emily & Kevin, this is their day! I had the pleasure of meeting a great friend of theirs last year, and he got in touch with me about making something special for their wedding gift.

 They are having a Victorian themed wedding and had custom silhouettes made to match their motif.

We decided on this swirling damask patterned paper for the endsheets which added a nice elegant touch.

Pretty soon all of these pages will be full of photos from their happy day! Best Wishes!

Congratulations Erin & Frank!

My friends, Erin and Frank, are getting married today!  I really wish that Josh and I could fly over from France for the weekend to celebrate with them. They came all the way from Florida to our Seattle wedding and we loved having them there. I know theirs will be a perfect and festive wedding! The couple and many of their good friends are avid swing dancers so there's sure to be lots of dancing. Also, the Scrabble theme as seen in the guest book will be present in other ways today, for example the place cards are letter trays with each of the guests' names spelled out! I can't wait to see all of the pictures. Speaking of pictures, here is a link to their lovely engagement photo session taken by Photonotions Photography.

It was a fun book to make. At first I tried to saw through the Scrabble pieces to make them thinner, but I soon realized that wasn't my most brilliant idea! To save my fingers I decided to work around the full thickness of the pieces. Above you can see my solution - the covers are made using two layers of laminated .98 board. The Kutrimmer couldn't quite handle that thickness, so I cut them by hand. Phew! It was a great workout!

Carnival of Love: Stationery Box

On Wednesday I joined Sarah of Orange Blossom Ink at the Carnival of Love at planIT! boutique. I got to see some great friends, like Grace Edmands, and also meet a lot of neat new people. It was a themed bridal event for local brides and grooms so they could get an idea of what area vendors have to offer. I didn't get a chance to visit with everyone, but one of my favorite vendors was Big City Catering, because they had carnival themed food stations set up all over the lovely boutique.  A popcorn station, where guests had their choice of toppings from garlic to chocolate powder, a hot dog station, again with a wide array of toppings, and my favorite, the snow cone station! I lingered for a while with the snow cones because I had a great time talking to the Big City Intern who was manning the station. She is actually preparing for her own wedding!

The box in these photos was my contribution for a joint take-home prize! Lisa and Sarah designed and printed some cute cards that matched the decorative paper on the box. I didn't stay for the whole evening so I'm not sure who ended up with it,  but I might request some of the cards myself,  because they were so cute!

Here is a list of all of the great vendors who were present:

Fourth Handmade Winner: Custom Wedding Card Box

Number 4 on the list was a certain Kate Jones, who is now officially Kate Lynch! Kate is a friend of mine from college who got married in Maryland this past Saturday. I knew she was getting married, so I decided her winnings would be part wedding gift & part giveaway gift!

I thought about what I could make that would have added a little extra to my own wedding and quickly found inspiration in a shoe box full of cards. I won't be able to part with our wedding cards anytime in the foreseeable future, so it sure would be nice to have a pretty box in which to store them! (Happily, I will have my own version of this box soon, because I cut out two sets of boards while I was working on Kate's!)

The dimensions are based on the measurements of our stack of cards. It's a little wider than the tallest card and a little taller than the widest card! I decided on a landscape box rather than a portrait, simply because I thought it would be the most elegant.

The Lynchs had a color scheme of truffle brown and cornflower blue, so I tried to stay in that color ballpark while picking my materials. The white decorative paper that is inset on the cover of the box is a strip of vintage Royledge shelf paper.

Congrats & Best Wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Lynch!

Ben & Caitlin's Wedding

Congrats to Ben & Caitlin who were married on the 3rd! They had a lovely fall wedding complete with autumn colors and homemade pies. The ceremony was held at Bull Street Baptist in Savannah, and the reception was out at Old Fort Jackson. It was neat to be back at Bull Street, and it was fun to see the fort. Josh and I were excited to see it after driving by for years without taking a peek.

The photo above is a detail of the guest book I made for the newlyweds. I used a preprinted text block which included columns for date, name, address, and comments. There are plenty of pages left so they can use the book in their guest room and at any future celebrations.

There were so many great details throughout the wedding - both the preexisting rustic gems at the fort and the special touches prepared just for the day. I even found a hidden Mickey (almost)!

A shot of the guest book in action!

And finally, click above for some pretty scenes from the day.

Special thanks to Lisa of Orange Blossom Ink for letting me use her fonts and borrow her printer for the cover AND for driving us to and from the airport rental car place after our car troubles!